Joel is our radiator shop expert.  He has been with South End since 1998 and repairing radiators for over 19+ years.  After that long, Joel has worked on just about everything!  He loves working on interesting projects and helping customers with their radiators.  He also loves to see his work in action, so feel free to bring down your awesome ride and fancy new radiator to show it off!

Our Radiator Services

  • Repairs starting at $15.00 
  • Free Testing 
  • Minor repairs while you wait
  • Authorized dealer of most major brands
  • Used Antifreeze Starting at $5.00
  • Make sure you bring your radiator out of the car for testing or as a core exchange when purchasing new

    Also ask about:

  • New aftermarket heater cores
  • New aftermarket transmission coolers
  • New aftermarket Fans
  • New AC condensers
  • 30 day to 1 year warranty

    What we repair and re-core:

  • Most Car and Truck Radiators
  • Forklift Radiators
  • Heat Exchangers (most)
  • Farm Equipment Radiators
  • Generator Radiators